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Twelve-year-old Franklin Hobbs is being stalked by a malicious enemy, one that appears human in every way except for a single detail...it has no face. The creature’s intentions are just as terrifying, for this wicked presence will stop at nothing until it has killed Franklin and removed his bizarre, purple-tinted eyes; it knows that these orbs are the source of the boy’s supernatural powers. To make matters worse, the faceless man isn’t the only one trying to eliminate him. A trusted adult, no longer in control of his own thoughts or behaviors, is also on a personal mission to end Franklin’s life.


It all begins on the eve of Franklin’s tenth birthday. While he sleeps soundly, he is visited by two competing entities; one that wants to murder him and one that wishes to help him. The next morning he awakens to find out that he has been healed of a crippling injury which has kept him in a wheelchair almost his whole life.  Miraculously, he is able to walk again! Along with physical healing, he is also given strange, but wonderful abilities that he will need if he is to survive the coming years.

With the help of friends from the orphanage where he lives, Franklin must fight to save his own life as well as the lives of others whom he loves. On the journey, he encounters savage monsters and does battle with bloodthirsty beasts as he travels out of Earth and into a dark, parallel version of what he knows. Throughout the entire adventure, he remains at war with the most dangerous yet enticing enemy of all, the Darkness that hides within him. An evil that wants to overpower and twist him into what he was meant to be.​

Ruler of Dark Earth.

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